Why Buddy is the best

I think Buddy Valastro is the best baker in America because he has his own t.v. show. If they thought anyone else was as good as him then why don't they have their own show? And Buddy does things old school which is what you need sometimes for a beautiful cake. Buddy has many achievements like a life size nascar cake, life size cake of his wife- Lisa, he made a cake for Oprah, has many publications in the "modern bride" magazine, been on the Rachel Ray show multiple times and made a cake for her, getting his own television show, and many more! Whenever  I watch other cake shows i say " that's not how Buddy does it" and they turn out to be an epic failiure since they don't do what he does. He also taught me all I know about cakes and now i know basically everything. Buddy is also all about family and I think that is so nice of him. Buddy also has 3 shows- "cake boss", "next great baker", and "kitchen boss".